Seattle Digital Problem Solvers

We Are Superhero Problem Solvers

We're a Seattle Web Design, Software Development & IT Service Company specializing in everything your company needs to meet any technology problem. We're passionate about Technology, The Web, Software & App Development, Design, and, most importantly, Problem Solving. To us, problem solving is at the heart of everything we do. We've built our team to be able to handle any problem your organization needs solved so we can be your one-stop shop for all things digital.

By setting clear goals for your digital project, we lay the blueprint for successful problem solving. When we meet with you, we learn as much about your organization and your customers as we can. Doing this allows us to develop a plan that will best suit you and your customers as we reach goals together.

We’ve worked with all industries, from Medical Laboratories to Children's Book Authors, from Debt Recovery to Beer Distribution, Online Merchants to Green Tech Companies. There’s not much we haven’t delivered. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

The BlueK Team

Kris Munroe Kris Munroe
Kris Munroe IT Manager & Application Developer

Kris has been writing code and building computers for 15 years. He attended Digipen Institute in Redmond, WA where he received his degree in computer science. Kris enjoys researching and finding better ways to develop software and the most elegant solutions to problem solving. He likes creating consistent results and finding ways to do things that can't be done. Kris founded Blue K on January 1st of 2006. His dream of working with great people on interesting projects has come true.

Seth Herzog Seth Herzog
Seth Herzog IT Team Captain & Developer

Seth is our longest tenured developer and IT expert. He joined Blue K shortly after Kris opened shop and, over time, has become an expert in everything from anti-virus to networking to programming. These days he's largely responsible for setting up and maintaining many of the crucial technological foundations our client’s businesses are built around. Seth likes to make sure a clear plan is in place and sets things up right the first time. No shortcuts here. He enjoys being able to evaluate complex IT situations and explain it in a way that anyone can understand.

Jerry Higgins Jerry Higgins
Jerry Higgins Grizzled IT & Development Veteran

Jerry brings years of expertise and knowledge to our team. He's been writing code and working on networks since the days of green screen terminals and dot matrix printers. With over 20 years of experience -- including owning his own IT consulting firm, providing software design and support to various industries -- Jerry brings a variety of assets to Blue K including the ability to analyze and network with client's systems and a broad knowledge and understanding of PICK/UNIX database software and numerous other systems.

Jessica Chappo Jessica Chappo
Jessica Chappo Web Developer & UI Design Magician

Jessica has been designing and developing beautiful, user friendly websites and web applications for the last ten years. She is knowledgeable in multiple front and back end website languages, application architecture and various database management systems. With a strong focus on the user’s experience, Jessica works closely with clients from start to finish to deliver a polished application utilizing the latest design trends. She enjoys helping our client’s create a web presence that they can be proud of!

Our Secret Origins

kryptonite photo by simon pearson

Invariably, one of the first questions we’re asked during our meetings with new clients is, "So, why are you called Blue K?"

The answer has its roots in Superhero lore. Some people know that Green Kryptonite is a certain Man of Steel’s weakness, but true superhero aficionados know Blue Kryptonite makes Kryptonians stronger.

We like to think of ourselves as your Blue Kryptonite, strengthening your technology services so you can spend your time doing what you do best - with the confidence of knowing we have your back against the toughest of villains.

(...and yes, we do have Superman No. 140 from 1960 hanging in our office. First appearance of Blue Kryptonite and Bizarro Supergirl. Every day is a thrill ride here in the Blue K office.)