Effective Information Technology Solutions for Your Business

IT Consulting & Services

No one can afford downtime. With more than 100 years of combined IT experience, our diverse group of specialists gives you the competitive advantage of having an on-demand team with many skill sets to address your technical needs. Instead of having one person working in-house, you’ll have a team of IT professionals at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. We’ll respond when you need us - day, night, or the weekend. Emergency IT support is always just a phone call away.
Complete IT Services
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Security Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • Server Virtualization
  • Workstation Management
  • Spam Filtering
  • Complete Network Monitoring
  • Computer Repair and Replacement

  • Hardware Sales
  • Virus Repair & Protection
  • Real time Server & Workstation Monitoring
  • Setup and Administration of Cloud and Hybrid Environments
  • Office365 Migration and Administration
  • Managed SOC and Advanced Security Solutions

Network Security

Our network security team can analyze your network and computer systems to determine recommendations for security concerns. We’ll find holes and vulnerabilities in your network and provide solutions to protect you from viruses, worms, hackers, and malware. Here at BlueK, we believe in a proactive approach to your business’ safety which gives you the results of a well-designed security architecture. With firewalls and enterprise quality Sophos anti-virus protection, you can spend your time building your business instead of worrying about protecting it.

With BlueK, we’ll provide your business with:


Our resilient technology solutions will provide your business with stability and reliability.


We’ll work with you to meet your industry’s regulatory requirements to ensure that you comply with risk management goals.


We’ll be sure to provide your users with safer access with passwords, VPNs, and encrypted data.

Back Up Continuity & Redundancy

Implementation of a disaster recovery plan is integral to the continuity of your business. You never want to lose your business’ valuable data, especially from a small, localized problem. We offer comprehensive solutions to data backup, computer hard drive backups, complete hardware and system recoveries both locally and offsite. We combine planning, prevention and protection to ensure that your business can thrive no matter what comes your way.

Flat Rate Hardware & Support Plans

Our flat rate plans offer you the opportunity to save money and always know exactly how much you'll be spending.

Flat rate pricing saves you money in a variety of ways:

  • Eliminates unforeseen costs that can arise out of emergency situations when expensive hardware needs to be replaced.
  • No more money spent on bandwidth to off-site servers to retrieve your data.
  • Full support & troubleshooting solutions.
  • Free hardware upgrades on a set schedule to maintain cutting edge server capabilities.

Consider our flat rate plans as your insurance plan for your storage and application needs.

Your Dedicated IT Support

Our extensive IT services cater to businesses of all sizes. We can guarantee to meet all of your company’s IT needs including: general IT services, software streamlining, network security, cloud computing, virtual services, remote connections and remote monitoring systems. We’ll take care of your business’ technology infrastructure from top to bottom.

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