Multivalue Database and PICK Programmers

PICK Database Services

Here at BlueK, our team of highly skilled developers and programmers provide your business with a full array of services to allow you to maximize your PICK software. We are capable of handling custom PICK programming and development for any and all flavors of MultiValue databases and environments. Regardless of whether your software is currently supported or completely custom, we’re capable of assisting with anything from changing a process in your PICK system to adding new functionality, or creating new modules.

Our developers are experienced not only in MultiValue Basic but we can help integrate your PICK database with GUI interfaces, web based front ends, and formatted reports. We are able to create efficient and readable code tailored to your company’s standards with a strong focus on easy maintainability. With our expertise and proven record of offering functional, well-designed software, your company’s needs are our priority. Let our team service your PICK system and overhaul your MultiValue database to help your company evolve.

Custom Multi-Valued Database Solutions

Our experienced PICK developers will can assist with Multi-Value systems of all sizes, regardless of how complicated your system's specific needs or project may seem. We're excited to start working with you!

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